Voice Greeting Card

Voice Greeting Card

Everyone loves to receive gifts or packages either through a courier or by hand. But what we first look upon receiving the package is the card that attached to it. Greeting card is not just a simple piece of paper that is attached but it plays a very important role specially on gift giving. It is the best medium in expressing your feelings, love, care, and emotion you want to show either to your family, friends, or special someone.

In this modern generation, sending message is just as easy by using technology such as text message, chat, or email. Greeting card also is evolving in a way that it still keeps the value and the essence of the traditional card. Nowadays, we have musical greeting card on which if opened, music will be heard upon reading the message. The other one is the voice greeting card on which the actual voice of the sender will be heard. This did not conflict the essence of the traditional greeting card but instead it adds value and highlight of the card. Sound greeting card has been exercised to some of the gift shops because it gives more highlight to the gift and it uplifts the mood of the receiver. It also showcases the authenticity of the sender on which the actual voice will be heard.

BULAKLAK.COM now offers sound greeting card to give our valuable clients a more effective way of expressing their emotions. It will be for anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, valentines, mother’s day, or any other occasions. BULAKLAK.COM wants to help every occasion better and more memorable. It gives more closeness to each other by communicating their thoughts through this sound greeting card.

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