Consumer FAQs


BULAKLAK.COM is an online Filipino Flower Marketplace, a one-stop-shop online store of fresh and hand-made flower arrangement, bouquets, gifts and product for special occasions. It is a big family of flower shops and gift shops.

We offer friendly priced flower without compromising its beauty and elegance. This is very possible for us because we have partners of local florist in each city and town in the Philippines ready to make flower arrangement or bouquets and is more than willing to personally deliver it for you. Because of this we do not only offer friendly rates for your bouquets we also offer it fresh and hand delivered.

We deliver anywhere in the Philippines. We had already screened and categorize your shops and items by location to make it easier for you. You just have to search for your place and we would offer the best option of choices you can choose from.
We also have a variety of greeting cards you can choose from that best suits your message.
What do you feel?

  • - Joy. Gladness. Gratitude. Excitement. Worries.
  • - Love. Admiration. Affection. Compassion. Fascination.

...Let Bulaklak.com express it for you.

We also offer a 24/7 customer support. You can choose to talk with our representative through our chat corner or you can call them up on our hotline.
Your satisfaction and concern always comes first with us.

Our Goal is to deliver anywhere in the Philippines on the exact date you requested and that it must be fresh and hand delivered NOT IN A BOX. Though you can also chose your flowers or gifts to be delivered in a box.

How to order?

Feel free to visit our site. Each city and town, in the Philippines, has their own flower shops and gift shops to offer. You just have to search for the address and we will showcase a variety of flower arrangements and gifts you can choose from.

For each person, you would be given a single cart which you can fill with your orders. Just scan our choices of flowers and gifts, choose "add to cart" and it will immediately be on your list of check out items or items to pay. Once done you can check the final list of your orders and the total worth of your chosen gift set.

What is a cart?

It's actually a virtual cart. Its usage is just the same as the push-carts on your local malls. Here, instead of a steel bounded cart, you would get a page that would be filled with your orders, showing the picture of your order, their price, any discounts you may be able to avail through promos and on the lower end you would find your total payables according to the items you had chose to buy online.

How do we pay?

Payment Method
We recommend the easiest payment method for online transaction - credit cards. We accept all major credit cards. Nevertheless, if you have none you don't have to worry. You can pay us through our bank to bank system. Please read Offline Payments.

You mention that you give a 24/7 service, can you also deliver orders 24/7? Do you deliver at anytime of the day?

This depends on our partner florist that you had preferred. We suggest that if you plan to surprise your loved ones by delivering flowers during week hours you must note it on your orders. If your chosen florists can deliver on your preferred time, you will be noted, and the same with the opposite situation.

How much is the Shipping Fee?

Each product already has their individual shipping fee with values provided by the local florist itself. But the only good thing about BULAKLAK.COM is that our partners are florists that are very near your area, therefore the shipping fee may become FREE.

Do you do refunds?

Refunds are negotiable, or are in case-to-case bases. On some instances that you may chose to ask for refunds after the order has been placed and delivered, your request may be subjected to further investigation. Nevertheless, if you have placed your order and the order was not yet delivered, just call our hotline number or contact us @ info@bulaklak.com and we’ll be willing to arrange something with you.

Is my Card Info Secured in your site?


How would I know that my transaction was successful?

We recommend the easiest payment method for online transaction - credit cards. Once we had a successful transaction we would be sending you an email carrying your confirmation receipt. You would also be receiving a transaction receipt from your credit card company under the name BULAKLAK.COM. Your confirmation receipt serves like your physical receipt. You can print it or just save it for future reference. If there is a problem with your card we would be calling you to ask for further questions.

For offline payments, we partner with Dragonpay. So, you can pay as using our bank-to-bank system.

Can I change my order?

As stated above, if the orders had been placed and delivered, you might only have a slight chance of changing it, except for very rare cases of errors. This might also still undergo investigation. Feel free to inform us of this unfortunate change of mind, at our hotline numbers or email us at info@bulaklak.com

Can I cancel my order?

As sad as it may but yes you can cancel your order provided that you have informed us exactly 24hrs ahead of schedule. On the date of the day or if the orders had already been delivered - order could no longer be canceled.

What if the person we are giving the flowers are not there?

As much as possible, we would like to deliver it straight to your loved ones. Yet, there might be instances that they may not be around when it is has been delivered. In this case, as you had filed the recipient’s contact #, we might need to call her to inform her about the delivery or if you had chosen to not inform her then we would proceed to another option. If there would be anyone that can take the flowers in their behalf we would instead be giving it to them (i.e. for business establishments: information desk, guard, or front desk, for Residential: relatives and immediate family).

Please note the following:

  • Please note during peak delivery holidays, such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Christmas, our courier does not guarantee a delivery time. Normal delivery times vary, but most packages will be delivered no later than 6pm.Our courier does not offer delivery on Sunday or major holidays.
  • We have no control over weather related or natural disasters and as such, we cannot guarantee timely delivery during these unforeseen circumstances.
  • A $10 surcharge will be made for repeat deliveries when the inability to delivery the first time was due to the unavailability of the recipient, wrong or incomplete address, or other reasons not attributable to Flower Depot.
  • We only ship within the Philippines.
  • Some product add-ons, hampers or cakes require special handling and are only available for Metro Manila.


Offline Payments

No credit card or want another way to make payments for your online orders? We accept offline payments! Simply give us the details below and email it to us at info@bulaklak.com or call us at our hotline numbers to arrange for the processing and payment of your orders.

  • 1. What should you do?

Browse through our site and choose the product you want to purchase. Take note of the Price of the Product.

  • 2. How will you pay? We allow payment through Western Union or by Bank Deposit. .
  • 3. What is the Payment Process


We support the ff. payment
1. Credit card and debit card payment thru PayPal.
2. Credit card and debit card payment thru 2Checkout.
3. Offline payments thru Western Union and Over-the-Counter
Deposit to our Accounts!

  1. Dragonpay

Online Banking

Allows anybody with Internet banking access to local bank account, to make payment that is debited against that account in realtime.



Over the counter banks

Allows anybody to walk-in to a branch of any of the supported banks to make a deposit-payment over the counter.


Over the counter non-banks

Allows anybody to walk-in to any branch of our supported money-transfer establishments to make a payment over the counter.

We'll continue to provide more payment options for your convenience.

After successful payment, you will be notified of your order status.
Fresh flowers will then be delivered at your doorstep!

What If problems occur with my ordered flower?

On your cart, you would be filling out some personal information. Included there is your contact information. A cellphone number or a landline number would be very helpful for both of us in case problems, changes or other concerns may occur. If this happens we promise to give you a ring.

Why are my flowers dead or withered when they arrived?

Our services offer the delivery of fresh and presentable flowers. If, for some unfortunate events the flowers sent to you had been withered or dead please contact us right away and we will change the delivered flowers provided that you can give us a valid proof of this unfortunate event. Yet, to keep us from pranks, you must first show or send us your receipt or confirmation number.

If you have the confirmation number with you email us or just call us at our hotline numbers. We will be more than willing to cater to your concern.

I can't find my city or town on the list of choices?

If by any unfortunate event you have searched your city and it’s not on the list or even closest to any, give us a call, we would arrange another option for you. This might be for the reason that there isn't any flower shops nearby. There are other flower shops from other nearby cities that would be willing to take your order and deliver them for you. Yet, sometimes this kind of option would just leave you with the choice of delivering it via box.

Why didn't I receive the order I had chosen?

If this occurs, or if there might be any mix up in our delivery, you can immediately give us a ring and as fast as we could we would try to correct our mistakes providing you can give us your confirmation receipt so we can check on your order. If indeed we had delivered the wrong one we would immediately replace it with the correct one.

I did not receive my order, would you mind explaining it to me?

In this case of non-received of order that means it’s not a mix-up just a no-delivery-came situation, call us up or contact us through our email info@bulaklak.com. This might also be the case on which no one is available to receive the delivery or a misinformation of the address. This is a fatal error for us and we would immediately act upon it.